Wipe Clean is your #1 Choice for Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, and more in Calgary!

Hi, I am Nick Stainsby and I can get you FREE WINDOW CLEANING from one of the best building maintenance companies in Calgary area - Wipe Clean Window Cleaning Ltd!

Our team at Wipe Clean can clear away any dirty little secrets your windows or gutter may be keeping. No dust, smudge, or slush is too tough for us! 

Do you REALLY want to be out in the heat of summer or worse - the cold of winter -  trying to clean your windows?

Can you imagine fighting with a gutter in the cold of fall? 

We can get these jobs done quickly and efficiently, so you can spend your time enjoying your home, visiting friends, or playing with kids. Doesn't that sound better than cleaning?

Do you always end up with crystal clear glass after washing your windows? Or do you have all kinds of smears and streaks?

That’s because, regardless of your detergent, your regular tap water will contain hard mineral deposits that get left behind on the glass. 

So go with the pros! We use our own proprietary triple filtration & purification water system to ensure that no streaks are left behind. (And best of all, there's no environmentally harmful soap required!)

Did you know we don’t even have to enter your home to give you sparkling clean windows? 

We can clean any window up to the 4th floor! So you’ll never have to risk reaching out of those high up windows or balancing on a ladder again.

Are your really thinking of doing it yourself? Doesn't it make sense to let a PRO WINDOW CLEANER  stand on a ladder so you don't have to? 

Don’t delay - we’ve been declared one of the best in Calgary by ThreeBestRates and appointments are filling up fast. So call now for a free quote or to book!


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